Financial Literacy Skills: Teaching Kids How to Use Coupons

An important life skill to teach your kids is how to save money. The things you teach them about money will stay with them for life, so it’s important to teach them all that you can at an age-appropriate level.

Coupons help people to save money, so why not start out by teaching your kids how to use coupons?

Below you will find some ways to get your kids involved in the use of coupons.

Teaching Kids How to Use Coupons

1. Get Your Kids to Help Search For Coupons

Let your child help you search for coupons in newspapers, flyers and magazines. With each new coupon your child finds, explain to them what that specific coupon does and how much it saves you.

When you go grocery shopping, get your child to look out for coupons on the shelves for products that you normally buy and be sure to point out how they are helping to reduce the amount of money you spend on groceries.

2. Make It a Game

Practice couponing skills at home. Have some already precut coupons available for your kids to use. Then, allow them to go into the pantry and find the items that could correspond to the coupons they have in their possession.

Whoever gets the most matches of coupon to item, wins!

3. Let Your Kids Find the Coupons That Match Your Grocery List

Make your grocery list and allow your child to find any coupons that correspond to the items on the list from your stash of coupons or from the newspaper or flyers.

If they are old enough to handle scissors, allow them to cut the coupons out for you.

Teaching kids how to use coupons to save money is a great way to introduce financial literacy skills.

4. Let Your Kids Keep the Money Saved

If you are in a comfortable financial state where this doesn’t impact you too much, tell your child that all the money saved from the coupons they find is theirs.

This won’t save you money, but your child will be so excited about getting money that they’ll be encouraged to save as much as possible.

5. Show Your Older Kids How You Organize Your Coupons

Couponing is much harder if you can’t find the coupons you’re looking for. Effective organization is the key to success with couponing.

Once they see how effective this can be, they may come to realize just how valuable coupons are in saving you money. You may even want to assign this job to them.

6. Get Your Kids to Help Match the Coupons While Shopping

Take all of the coupons to the store with you. Then, with each new purchase and addition to your cart, allow your child to find the corresponding coupon to the item.

Teaching your kids how to use coupons is a great way to teach them about saving money.

7. Allow Your Child to Hand In the Coupons

When your items are placed on the conveyor belt to be scanned and checked out, allow your child to hand the cashier the coupons.

This will make them feel important and teach them that the use of coupons should be part of your shopping routine all the time.

8. Have a Savings Jar

This type of savings jar should be put somewhere everyone can see it. With this tip, you’ll need to remember to write down the total amount of money you saved per visit and then put that money in the jar.

A savings jar can be a great visual demonstration to show your kids just how much money that the use of coupons can save you.

A savings jar can be a great visual demonstration to show your kids just how much money that the use of coupons can save you.

Teaching the value of saving money all starts at a young age. In the process of teaching your kids to save money, teach them the value of coupons and how coupons can help you to save money.

Teaching kids how to use coupons can be a great way to set the foundation for all the other important financial lessons you will share with them.

25 Cute Spring Crafts for Kids

25 Cute Spring Crafts for Kids

The warmer days of spring will soon be here (at least I’m hoping they will). It’s been a long winter, and we can’t wait to get out and enjoy some nice warm and sunny spring days.

Of course, spring usually also brings its share of rainy weather. These cute spring crafts for kids are perfect for those rainy days. They are all made with supplies you probably have around your home and won’t cost much to make.

So go ahead, and let the kids get creative making some of these cute spring projects and soon your home will be a lot brighter and cheerful!

25 Cute Spring Crafts for Kids

1. Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun
2. Do-a-Dot Flower Craft from The Kindergarten Connection
3. Easy Spring Flower Craft from Sugar Spice and Glitter
4. Paper Pinwheel Craft from Optimistic Mommy
5. Grass Head Crafts from Red Ted Art
6. Citrus Stamped Canvas Craft from Busy Mommy Media
7. Hatching Chick Craft from Darcy and Brian
8. Lion and Lamb Craft from Coffee Cups and Crayons
9. Vegetable Prints Craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom
10. Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft from The Best Ideas for Kids
11. Paper Bobble Head Bunny Craft from Fireflies and Mud Pies
12. Rainbow Mobile Craft from B-Inspired Mama
13. Hand Print Dragonfly Craft from Raising Little Superheroes
14. Rock Cactus Plant from Craft Bits
15. Homemade Satin Flowers Craft from Club Chica Circle
16. Potted Flower Frame Craft from Inspiration Made Simple
17. Rainbow Candle Holder Craft from Moms and Crafters
18. Over the Rainbow Sun Catcher Craft from Honey and Lime
19. Rainbow Spin Art Flower Craft from Messy Little Monster
20. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft from The Inspiration Edit
21. K-Cup Tissue Paper Flower Craft from Reuse Grow Enjoy
22. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder Craft from Midlife Healthy Living
23. Butterflies in the Garden Window Cling Craft from Gym Craft Laundry
24. DIY Tin Can Flower Pots Crafts from Consumer Queen
25. Soup Can Flower Pots Craft from Wunder Mom

Which one of these cute spring crafts do you think your kids will enjoy the most?

11 Tips to Protect Yourself from Credit and Debit Card Scams

Most of us know someone who has had to deal with fraud — having to cancel a credit or debit card, not to mention other related hassles and stress. Fortunately, like most things, prevention can go a long way towards safeguarding your financial information.

Credit and debit card scams happen when someone steals your credit or debit card, card information or personal identification number and uses it without your permission to withdraw money from an automated teller machine or make a purchase.

11 tips to protect yourself from credit and debit card scams and fraud. #personalfinance

11 tips to help protect you from credit and debit card fraud

While new scams are emerging all the time, there are always basic precautions you can take, beginning with these:

• Check your account and credit card statements often. Make sure all transactions are correct and were made by you.

• Keep your PIN secret. Never share it with anyone, not even a family member or partner. Always memorize the code rather than writing it down.

• Change your PIN often.

• Contact your financial institution and change your PIN immediately if you suspect someone knows it.

• Cover the keypad with your hand or body when entering your PIN so no one can see it.

• Keep your credit card in a safe place.

• Keep your credit or debit card in sight at all times when making a purchase.

• Take your debit or credit card and transaction receipt with you once you’ve finished a transaction at an ATM or business.

11 tips to help protect you from credit and debit card fraud

• Complete your transaction and retrieve your card before answering anyone trying to get your attention while you are at an ATM.

• Contact your financial institution or credit card issuer right away if your card is lost, stolen or stuck in an ATM.

• Report anything you think is suspicious about a debit or credit card device at a business or ATM to the relevant head office and your credit card issuer.

Find more information about protecting yourself from credit and debit card scams at

11 tips to protect yourself from credit and debit card fraud. • Keep your credit or debit card in sight at all times when making a purchase.

20 DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths You Will Love

20 DIY Valentines Day Wreaths

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to spread a little love in your home with some cheerful Valentine’s Day decorations. Here are 20 DIY Valentine’s Day wreath ideas to get your creativity flowing. Most of these wreaths use inexpensive materials, some of which you may already have at home, so they won’t break the bank.

Valentine’s Day Felt Wreath – Creative Homemaking

Sweetheart Button Wreath – Crafts ‘n Coffee

Valentine’s Day Wreath – Tammilee Tips

Curlicue Heart Wreath – Mom Spark

DIY Valentine’s Day Door Wreath – Oh So Savvy Mom

Valentine’s Day Fabric Wreath – The Girl Creative

DIY Valentine Wreath – Oh Honestly

Paper Heart Wreath – Made to be a Momma

Burlap and Lace Wreath – A Mom’s Take

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath – Faithfully Free

Valentine’s Day Fabric Wreath – Third Stop on the Right

Valentine Burlap and Yarn Wreath – Happy Deal Happy Day

Quick and Easy Heart Garland Wreath – Coffee With Us 3

Easy Valentine’s Day Yarn Wrapped Wreath – Merry About Town

Valentine’s Day Wreath – That’s What Che Said

DIY Valentine’s Wreath in Under 60 Seconds – The Kim Six Fix

Valentine Ribbon Wreath – Playground Parkbench

Valentine’s Rag Wreath – Sensibly Sara

One-Hour Scrappy Fabric Heart Wreath – Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Valentine’s Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple’s Monogram – Where the Smiles Have Been

Which wreath is your favourite?

How to Rock Your Budget in 2018

The new year is always full of changes. It is a clean slate, full of new beginnings. Make this the year that you are going to rock your budget and keep your finances in line. Your financial situation is always something you can adjust and improve upon. Think about it – no one is perfect with their money, but 2018 can be a fresh clean start. Use these tips below to find out how to rock your budget in 2018.

How to Rock Your Budget in 2018 | Saving Our Money

5 Ways to Rock Your Budget This Year:

1. Adjust accordingly

If you do not already have a budget, you will begin the year by monitoring your purchases and then setting goals for where your money will be going. What may be acceptable for your budget at the beginning of the year, may not necessarily work towards the middle or end of the year. Perhaps you have changed jobs or or maybe you have found yourself needing to make an unexpected vehicle repair. Regardless the situation, always be willing to adjust your budget when situations arise.

2. Weigh wants vs. needs

Do you really need that super cute pair of shoes that are on sale this week? Even though you already have three other pairs in your closet? The answer is most likely, “no.” Use caution when making spur of the moment purchases because that is how people often go over their budget. Identify your shopping weaknesses and resolve to change your ways. If you can live without it, that item is a wanted item, not something that you need.

3. Explore opportunities to increase your income

Whether it be asking for a raise at work, starting a new side hustle or part-time job, or trying new ways to earn money online from home, every extra dollar earned can be put towards helping you reach your financial goals.

4. Log your expenses

It is important to record each and every purchase you make. There may be a month in which you have somehow spent more than you budgeted for. Having records of your purchases, will allow you to look over your spendings carefully, and be able to pinpoint just where you went wrong. The following month you will be able to prevent making the same mistake again.

5. Find other ways to reward yourself

Sometimes after a long and stressful week it is nice to reward yourself. Usually we do so by taking ourselves for a nice night out. You may normally choose to enjoy a night out with dinner, drinks, and maybe even a movie. Or you may even treat yourself to a weekend of shopping. Instead of rewarding yourself with activities that involve spending money, opt to stay in and reward yourself in other ways. Sit down and spend the weekend catching up on your favourite shows, while your housework sits, or invite a friend to go for a nice hike in the forest with you.

Rocking your budget in 2018 really comes down to having some self-discipline. How will you choose to change your finances this year?