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10 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day

Money has a funny way of disappearing bit by bit without you even realising. It’s the little things that chew away at our balance until suddenly you’re left with a sad-looking bank account.

The obvious answer would be to budget your money and cut out luxuries. Instead of buying luxuries, go for the basic brands, cheaper cuts of meat, toilet roll with a texture resembling sand paper, and other equally fun substitutes — very tempting, but there has to be another way.

The following tips, tricks, and ideas to save money every day will help make sure you have more money left over at the end of the month. They require the minimum amount of effort and shouldn’t make your life too unbearable. Hopefully you’ll be able to put them to good use!

10 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day

How to Save Money Every Day

Whether you’re strapped for cash or just like the idea of economically streamlining your life, these tips and tricks can come in handy:

1. Don’t Overfill your Fridge

This is a little trick that increases the durability of your food. Instead of packing the fridge to the bursting point try to put some goods in the freezer (or just buy less). The extra fridge space allows for better circulation and keeps your food fresh for longer. You’ll be surprised by the difference.

Another bonus is when there’s less food in your fridge you’re less likely to forget about something and end up throwing it out when it goes bad. Less food spoilage = less money wasted.

2. Shop Online

Not only does shopping online save on gas money, it can also reduce your impulse buying. Instead of coming home with impulse items like magazines and chocolate bars you’ll have the necessities delivered to your door. Do some online research as some supermarkets offer better deals and even discounts for bigger purchases.

10 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day. Tip #2 Online shopping can help you save money on gas and impulse purchases.

3. Buy Thick Curtains

Confused by this one? Well believe it or not, thick curtains can actually be a great money saver. In the winter they are great for keeping the heat in and in the summer they stop the heat from entering your home. A thick pair of curtains work wonders for your air conditioning and heating bills.

4. Wash Clothes Inside Out

Before you wash your clothes turn them inside out. Obviously the socks can be given a miss, but those expensive shirts and jeans will last much longer when the washing machine elements aren’t wearing them down. A few minutes of adjusting will save you money in the long run.

5. Save Used Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and all the other occasions throughout the year can set you back a bit with wrapping paper costs. It all adds up. Although it might not be possible to ask a new date for the costly paper back, you will be able to salvage amongst family or close friends. Tell them that you’re trying to save the environment. Gift bags and tissue paper can be used over and over.

6. Get a Library Card

Never underestimate the power of a local library. They are a haven for cheap film rentals and not to mention free books. Instead of buying the novel you really want to read head over to the library and borrow it instead. Just make sure you don’t drop it in the bath and return it on time to avoid paying late fees.

10 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day. Tip #6: Get a library card.

7. Be Wary of Sales

What is it about sales? You’ve never needed a talking clock before or that big bag of shrimp, but the second the magical word ‘sale’ gets attached along with a slight price reduction, suddenly it’s a must-have bargain. Avoid these sale traps and stick to what you actually wanted in the first place. By all means, stock up on sale items when they are things you use regularly, but pass up that bargain if it’s something you wouldn’t normally buy.

8. Use Free Computer Software

Computers are expensive enough without all those essential extras. Instead of buying the Microsoft word package go for the free alternatives. There’s a lot available!

9. Collect Points

Its mind numbingly slow, but eventually it all adds up. This goes for Air Miles, grocery store points, and any other point scheme there might be on offer. Apply for a reward card and use it every time you get a chance. It won’t help in the short run, but after a while you’ll be able to collect the benefits. It all helps.

10. Drink More Water

If you regularly drink juice, coffee or pop you can save a significant amount of money by switching to drinking water more often. This is especially true if you purchase these drinks at a restaurant or local coffee shop. Water is good for your health and wallet too!

10 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day. Tip #10: Drink More Water

Make Extra Money on the Side

If you’re interested in adding a little extra income to your current earnings then start looking for genuine ways to make money online and offline. A little extra income can work wonders and allow you to continue living life in the manner you’ve become accustomed.

10 Ways to Make Money OnlineIf you want to avoid debt this holiday season and pay cash for your holiday gifts, this list of 7 ways to make extra cash for the holidays will help you.

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