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5 Frugal Christmas Card Ideas

Are you planning to send holiday cards this year? Old fashioned paper holiday cards have not gone out of fashion completely. In fact, many people still send Christmas cards even if they don’t send traditional mail any other time of the year. However, if you want to send out very many cards, the costs can add up rather quickly.


So what can you do if you want to send out cards but you’re trying to keep your holiday costs down?

Well, one option is to send an e-card from a site such as Hallmark, JibJab or Blue Mountain, but if you prefer to send a physical card, here are five frugal Christmas card ideas:

1. Buy them from the dollar store. It’s the thought that counts and you can always include a personalized note inside. Dollar stores often have boxes of cards for only $1 or $2 each and they even have some cute designs, especially if you buy early before all the good ones are gone.

2. Make your own cards. You can buy inexpensive supplies or recycle materials you already have at home and make your own cards. You can even get the whole family involved. It can be a lot of fun and you’re guaranteed to have the most unique cards this season.

3. Recycle cards from a previous year. There are ways to do this without being tacky. For example, you can cut the design portion of the card and use it as a post card if the other side isn’t written on.

4. Send postcards. They are cheaper than regular cards because they’re smaller. You can have custom ones printed up with your family photo, or just grab a stack of generic cards and write some nice notes on them.

5. Print something online. You can use a site like Vistaprint or similar online services to have Christmas cards printed inexpensively – especially if it’s your first time using them, as you can usually find some great discount codes for new users.

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Sites like PicMonkey and Canva also make it very easy to create your own custom holiday cards and print them at home.

5 frugal Christmas card ideas. Sites like PicMonkey and Canva make it easy to design your own Christmas cards
Sites like PicMonkey and Canva make it easy to design your own Christmas cards

With these five frugal Christmas card ideas, you’ll have no excuse not to send great Christmas cards to your friends and family this year. The only thing left is to get started, so you have time to get them in the mail before the holiday season arrives!

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