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How to Rock Your Budget in 2018

The new year is always full of changes. It is a clean slate, full of new beginnings. Make this the year that you are going to rock your budget and keep your finances in line. Your financial situation is always something you can adjust and improve upon. Think about it – no one is perfect with their money, but 2018 can be a fresh clean start. Use these tips below to find out how to rock your budget in 2018.

How to Rock Your Budget in 2018 | Saving Our Money

5 Ways to Rock Your Budget This Year:

1. Adjust accordingly

If you do not already have a budget, you will begin the year by monitoring your purchases and then setting goals for where your money will be going. What may be acceptable for your budget at the beginning of the year, may not necessarily work towards the middle or end of the year. Perhaps you have changed jobs or or maybe you have found yourself needing to make an unexpected vehicle repair. Regardless the situation, always be willing to adjust your budget when situations arise.

2. Weigh wants vs. needs

Do you really need that super cute pair of shoes that are on sale this week? Even though you already have three other pairs in your closet? The answer is most likely, “no.” Use caution when making spur of the moment purchases because that is how people often go over their budget. Identify your shopping weaknesses and resolve to change your ways. If you can live without it, that item is a wanted item, not something that you need.

3. Explore opportunities to increase your income

Whether it be asking for a raise at work, starting a new side hustle or part-time job, or trying new ways to earn money online from home, every extra dollar earned can be put towards helping you reach your financial goals.

4. Log your expenses

It is important to record each and every purchase you make. There may be a month in which you have somehow spent more than you budgeted for. Having records of your purchases, will allow you to look over your spendings carefully, and be able to pinpoint just where you went wrong. The following month you will be able to prevent making the same mistake again.

5. Find other ways to reward yourself

Sometimes after a long and stressful week it is nice to reward yourself. Usually we do so by taking ourselves for a nice night out. You may normally choose to enjoy a night out with dinner, drinks, and maybe even a movie. Or you may even treat yourself to a weekend of shopping. Instead of rewarding yourself with activities that involve spending money, opt to stay in and reward yourself in other ways. Sit down and spend the weekend catching up on your favourite shows, while your housework sits, or invite a friend to go for a nice hike in the forest with you.

Rocking your budget in 2018 really comes down to having some self-discipline. How will you choose to change your finances this year?

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